MVC Tech Blog

By Joshua Holden

When creating a new Blazor server side app with individual user acounts, it's common to want to add additional properties and link tables to the user logged in such as user profile information, If you have never done this before it's not obvious since Blazor hides away a lot of the internals of the authorisation and injects the views at runtime for registration etc.

This post explains how to set up individual user authentication and add additional properties linked to the the ASPNetUsers table

Now C# 9 is finally out of preview and released I thought I would have a good play and write about my experiences with the new records functionality and other bits now in play to make it easier to work with immutable data.

The Hackers manifesto, written all the way back in 1986 by a chap called Loyd Blankenship (the mentor in “legion of doom” hack group) shortly after his arrest by the FBI for “being in a computer I should not have been” still holds true today if not more so....